No Trip This WinterAs much as I was looking forward to traveling somewhere exotic again this winter it looks like I might have to take the season off.  After some serious researching into Honduras and Peru I realized I had something more important that needed my attention.  I am pleased to say that this fall I will be moving back to Central PA (where I originally started my company) and my traveling funds will be put on hold for other expendatures.

Since CWS has extended its client base here in the Lehigh Valley, I will still have to return to work with some pretty high profile clients.  So my usual commute will still be necessary although I may find myself working in some different spaces.  I already have a few lined up where there is free wifi, a quiet atmosphere, and they don’t mind if you spends hours there even if you only bought a $2.00 coffee.  How about that for coworking?

Some other bits of technology that I failed to mentioned before were from the Google family.  I wrote a post on my company blog, Tools to Run Your Business Remotely – CWS from Costa Rica, going over some tools that you can use to help you run a business remotely but I realized I missed some important ones I take for granted.

  1. Google Calendar – Amazing (while not the prettiest) web app.  It’s also able to sync bidirectionally with your Blackberry so if you schedule a meeting on the road, it’s showing on your Calendar when they sync.
  2. Gmail (with Contacts Sync) – Where would we all be without Gmail?  You can now also sync your Blackberry contacts with your Gmail contacts making things super easy for contact management.
  3. Google Chat Application – I mentioned Google Chat previously but there is an a mobile app that allows you to chat on your phone.  When you don’t have time to bust out the laptop, just fire up this app and check in your workers from your phone.
  4. Google Voice – Now this isn’t out yet but it will be a game changer when it is.  See here

Now these are only some of the tools that I find myself using on the road but I must say they do make things much easier.   This weekend I will find myself working from a couple different locations (Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY) thanks to our first and last overnight roadtrip of the season with the Pennsylvania Stoners.  Wish me luck and stayed tuned for some more remote working tips.

If you have any bits of technology that making remotely please let me know as I am always trying to increase efficiency.

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